Saturday, April 19, 2008

Update on Eric

Everything went well with Eric's surgery.
He stayed over night last night.
He did not like having an IV in his arm but there were no problems.

Now for the hard part....keeping him subdued for three weeks while he heals.


  1. ha! Good luck with that!!

    And you have a plumeria???

    I want one!

  2. i'm so glad things went well for Eric. i hope there is sucess in his resting during the healing process, i will be praying for Leanne and all involved with that!

    i love the new picture on your page, that's a beautiful flower:)

  3. Hello Darla and family!! I'm glad Eric is doing good. I'll say a little pray for him tonight. How are you and how is the rest of the family? My email is if you want to send something back =) Debby