Tuesday, May 13, 2008


After watching a movie several months ago, I wrote a blog called Of Wars and Loves (Jan) or something. Basically I was saying that we can change a damaged relationship by our actions. Once we begin treating people kindly, in time they will respond to your kindness with a kindness and the relationship is on the road to recovery.

The whole truth is that this is one of the hardest things to do to act kindly to one you think deserves it so little....the heathen!

Remember those perpetual motion things that were on every businessman's desk in the 70's? They would just sit there and look stupid until someone reached out and pulled the ball back and began the object moving toward the other balls and then it kept up the motion until it drove you crazy and you finally grabbed it and made it stop.

Basically I am saying we must be the first ball that puts the movement in motion. THAT is the hardest step and then the others becomes easier with each step but what a difficult first step it is to make.

I find when I am hurt I want to withdraw and
lick my wounds for awhile before dealing with them.
I want to sulk awhile.
Stew in my juices.
Maybe, if I slam that door one more time....or frown a little more vigorously....
You know.....I want to own my feelings for awhile. They are mine and I deserve to feel hurt!
or angry!

Okay, I can do it! I can be the ball that starts the motion....as long as I don't have to massage any body's feet or anything.....

Just give me a little time to get used to the idea.


  1. ok. you've inspired a blog.

    hope you're happy starting that stupid ball agoin . ..

  2. wow! you speak the language of my heart! i don't want to be the bigger person! hum, sometimes i don't even want to be the 2nd person--not the one that gets pulled back; the one that it hits and should get moving...NO! sometimes i just want to stand right here, thank you very much!

    i'll be praying for you, i'm there too