Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buddy Walk

Buddy Walk is this Saturday. This will be our fifth one? I think!
It is fun every year.
Join us if you can. We have 36 on our team this year.

I wanted to share our team's posters with everyone.
Caleb made these for us this year. He plans to have them printed out for his shop.
I think the posters are wonderful.
Don't you?


  1. wow already?!?!! That means it means more then a year already since I have been there for my "extended" stay!!! CRAZY!!! Hope all goes well with the walk!! You guys will be in my prayers.

    And LOVE the posters!!!! Its so cute and makes you wanna reach out and hug him!!!!

  2. I love the posters, but it's because of all the great faces I see in each one - especially the one of you and Eric in the yellow thingy!! You look beautiful!!

    Have a great time -

  3. That picture of me in the yellow thingy, Amy is a beautiful PART of daughter!

    Thanks, for the compliment.