Friday, January 30, 2009


Another week down. I look forward to each weekend with great expectation but I fear I am wishing my life away when I should be enjoying each day for its special blessings.

As a young girl I used to think "when I am a teenager I will be grown and then my life will begin".

Then as a teenager I thought "when I get married then I will really be an adult and my life will be perfect".

The years rolled by and I married and became a young wife and I thought "when I have children then my life will be complete".

Then as a wife and young mother I thought "when I can have a house of my own with enough room for my children to run and play and have their own space then my life will be easier and I will be content".

Then as a home owner, wife and mother I thought "when the children are grown and married I will have my life back again and have time to do all the things I have put off doing".

Then my children grew, married and I had everything I could ever dream of including a job with responsibilities and then I thought "Saturday will be wonderful. I can clean out my crowded closets, wash my many clothes, organize my over crowded pantry and start a new painting, watch an old movie on TCM and read that book I have so little time to read, visit with my children, grandchildren and family and find time to go shop for groceries."

And it was not so....
but it is good.


  1. How terribly true is that??? I am ashamed that I spend way too much time over " . . .when . . ."'s.

  2. Darla, this is such a good reflection and challenge! Love ya!