Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We were invited to Gaby's parents' house for a tamalada. All I knew was this was to make tamales. I had no idea that the Mexican culture makes a party of the work and everyone looks forward to this. How fun is that?

As you can see Linda jumped right into the middle of it and had her hands in it immediately. It took me a little longer, I had the camera and wanted documentation of it all. Everyone had something to do. If you vacated your spot at the table someone else would come along and take it and pick up where you left off. And don't think this is just for the women. There were as many men around that table as women and they made the biggest tamales.

Kids played outside most of the time. Some watched football on TV, some played football outside and everyone migrated back and forth into the kitchen. At the end of the evening a huge pile of tamales were placed on the table and disappeared quickly.

I came away with a better appreciate of the family my son has linked us to...mi consuegros!


  1. Next time, I want to go! Tell "GabyMama," because I know Eric will want to go, too!

  2. A lot of hard work, but with delicious outcomes!! I'm sure they are wonderful!