Sunday, November 20, 2011

November:A Month to Celebrate

In our household November is a month to celebrate. 

Seven birthdays of immediate family members: three grandchildren, one son, a daughter-in-law and both my mother and mother-in-law and then there is Thanksgiving.

The celebration only ends to begin the next one. 
And me.... trying to watch my weight!
Good luck with that!

In the spirit of celebration our November projects have been the Pinata del Estrella (six pointed star), our rainbow fish pinata and a cornucopia.
Not one of them has been completed until the day of the party so far.  We are usually rushing to glue on the last few pieces of tissue paper to fill the bare spots.  

Side view of Rainbow pinata
Check out the kissy lips on this fish!
All pinatas nearing completion, Reese comes in from school asking if we could make a cornucopia.  I am assuming I must have reached Super-Nana rating in her mind since she just assumed I would know how to make one.  You know, just whip one up right quick so....
we just whipped one up right quick!

Now Pearson, 3 months shy of four is planning our Christmas tree pinata. 

Where do they get this ideas?

Okay, it going to be a beauty!

Papier mache cornucopia embellished with moss and dried leaves and greenery from the yard.

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  1. Okay - now that's just too pretty to smash!! :)

  2. Oh fun!!! What a cute idea! I have some things to ship to you in about a week...after baby stuff slows down. :)

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