Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little Pink Flip Flops

Little pink flip flops sit on the coffee table.

For all the life that they possessed on Sunday, they now sit quietly and do nothing.

One pink with white polka dots,
the other white with pink polka dots,
both with a large white flower with a pink center posed right above the toe strap.
Cute little shoes,
there they sit.
They should be on a little girl who swirls and dances when she wears them.
I am sure she is missing them.

But this week they are a reminder of how much I love the sweet little girls in my life.

And then there is the blue balsa wood airplane
that has retired on my dining room table.
Broken wings, tape holding it together at various locations
but still capable of drifting on an air wave.
Evidence of the play of an eager young man.

A reminder of how much I love the sweet young men in my life.

I feel so blessed to have them in my life....the children, I mean.
I love them. And of course, the sweet ones in my life are special in so many ways, each one individually.

When I listen to the news in the evenings and hear horrid stories of people who hurt little children I can hardly bear to listen. I cringe and try to stop listening but can not stop the words from entering my mind and then they keep replaying in my head, causing me to hurt inside for the innocent ones who were hurt. It hurts my heart.
You wonder what possesses these people.
How can they bring themselves to do the things they do?

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