Thursday, March 13, 2008

Recognizing Romance

Yesterday morning I was thinking about romance and how when I was in the midst of a moment that in a novel would seem romantic I did not recognize the romance in it.
Or worse yet, you know this moment IS a romantic moment and it feels.....weird.

Now don't go thinking that Darla is looking for romance so she is posting a blog on it. I believe what got me to thinking of romance was watching young girls and woman wanting their boyfriends or spouses to be romantic but in a desire for spontaneity do not help the poor guy by communicating what they want. They just want the poor guy to do something out of love.

The poor girl is setting herself up for disappointment and the poor guy for failure. The poor guy is probably doing things out of love ALL the time but the poor girl is not recognizing his love.

Then last night after a l-o-n-g day at work/fundraiser/Open House/school I come in late to the Marriage Enrichment video in progress. The discussion question afterward was something like what is romance? (I find that weird often how you think about something then there it is someplace else.)

I did not answer out loud but at a tired old age of 54 romance to me is receiving the first strawberry from the garden for ME to eat, or letting me just crawl up in his arms on the couch at the end of a long day, letting me watch my old movies when he really wants to watch his judge shows,...... Forget about planned/manipulated events for me. If you have to plan to be spontaneous, it isn't.

So ladies, recognize romance and communicate with your guy. Tell him the things you like. He has enough to think about without having to worry whether or not he is pleasing you. And if he is having to worry over you all the time, YOU are not being very romantic.

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