Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Will I Do For work?

She asked me as she sat in my class thinking about the upcoming summer,
"What WILL you do this work?"

How innocent!

One of the HUGE differences I see between the young and the old-in-their-eyes is that we are never bored. In fact, I do not HAVE enough time to do all I want to do.

Gardening, painting, cleaning, organizing, bonding with grandchildren, gardening again, going to workshops for art, get my hair cut on a regular basis, finishing the remodeling job like painting, crown modeling and flooring,.........

I just want to have the time to get to do some of the things I have on my list. Instead things that eat up my time are things like house keeping maintenance, laundry, cooking lunch now as well as supper (his mother spoiled him...he wants a big meal for lunch), Go-For tasks......oh, and this year, I have to move all of the furniture out of my rent house and dispose of it or store it.....for sure garage sale.

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  1. I hope to balance the lazy days of summer with activities, but I mostly look forward to NOT being on a schedule!!
    By the way; could I put a couple of things in your garage sale when you have it; a set of dishes, a hutch, and a light fixture? Sure would help me out!! Thanks -