Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jungle of Junk

I am refusing to rent a storage unit to organize/hide all my stuff.
If it has to be stored in a storage unit I don't really need it.
If I need it I want it close so I can find it.

I find that I am not alone in this jungle of junk. There are more garage sales going on every weekend than one could possible attend. Closets bursting open with so much stuff that if you tried to put one more thing in, the contents would topple outward into one big, huge, jumbled, heap into the room. The goal is to stop before it pours outward.

One of my chores this summer is to finalize my move out of my furnished rent house. Where did all this junk come from?

Sentimentalities, mementos, antiques, garden stuff, decorative items, and just plain things I could not do without. I even have saved all the gourds that had ever grown on my vines there for decorating.... like I did not have enough stuff to use to decorate. But I think it is so charming to use things from nature to decorate. And they were free.

Now two years later (today) I am bringing in things I have not even seen since I left there. Things I thought I needed but have not missed. And the worse part about it now is that as I try to combine the two houses now into one I see the stuff and still think I need it.

I have begun to nail things to the wall, rearrange things in closets, drawers and have even considered the attic in an attempt to get junk out of boxes and off the floor in an orderly fashion.

I have a garage sale pile, a pile for drawing props for school, things my kids must need and a little bitty pile called trash.

What does this say about me?
And I thought I was not materialistic.

Don't miss my garage sale now, you may find that one thing that will complete your decor!


  1. Oh my, you don't want me around. I'm a notorious declutter queen. If I haven't used it or touched it in a year and don't see me using or touching it again anytime soon...gone! I'd love to come help...(insert evil cackle here)!

  2. I truly enjoyed our endeavor today - sitting in the shade and visiting with you; getting to know LeeAnn's family better, looking across the beautiful fields in the distance and relaxing with a friend I really admire. Priceless.

  3. lol .. you sound like me!! Jarred calls me his pack rat .. I have BOXES of things from the move that I havent unpacked because, I dont need them now. And Jarreds response, well then get rid of them!! Mine, but I may need it!!! lol .. oh the joy ..