Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life is So-o-o Good

Life is so-o-o good!
I am still making my way through the jungle of junk.
My rental property was completely pot...everything....we even found a few items we would not touch. My new renters wanted an extended contract and they had all the furnishings they needed so all of that stuff had to be moved. For just a minute I considered starting a new "staging" business but nixed that quickly. Any business that involves moving furniture around from house to house is too much work for me.
While it is a relief to get a long lease contract the move was difficult.
Timing was difficult.

I never thought of myself as a pack rat really because when the kids were little I threw things out without even thinking twice about it....

"Yes, dear, you did get that at McDonald's but we will go again...."

"What are you looking for....hum-m.....don't know where that could be...."

"But honey, you had so many of those and you weren't using them."

"Your aunt who made what?"

....but as you age things you get are often things from your past like my grandparents sofa table that my grandfather used to stabilize himself while he sawed his boards for some project he was working on. The table still bears the scars from that day. I can see him standing there doing it. He was a great man. He has been gone since Caleb was born so there are few things left of him.

Then there is my grandmother's small table I can not part with. I have no memories of it but she gave it to me while she was in her nineties and I refinished it. And of course the bakers rack has to come home. Carl welded it for me and it is beautiful. But even if it were ugly it represents him and my heart melts when I think of him welding it together for me. Several of my big furniture pieces have been made or refinished by my dad so they must stay in the family.

The garage is packed with the boxes I had to bring back from the rental house. I will make it through the boxes one at a time until I can see the walls of the garage again. Anything garage sale worthy goes into big plastic containers to keep the little critters out or bigger critters.

Last night it was a raccoon going through the garage sale stuff. He has been a regular lately. He thought he had hit the jack pot when he found last falls pecans in buckets still being stored in the garage. He left his crumbs everywhere.

I long to see an empty garage.

I hear a car can be parked in there sometimes.


  1. When my mother died and left us with two storage units to empty, we brought it home and set it out to "air" on the driveway. Didn't want the mice to be shut up in the garage. I told Andy I felt like the Hillbillies had come to town and unloaded their trucks. But in the mesh of broken microwaves, bits and pieces of furniture and dishes, I came across some treaures like my grandmother's rocker and cookie jar. An old victrola cabinet and some books I'd forgotten about. So, while it was painful to go through, the end result was a blessing.

    I just hope the girls remember that when I am gone and they get to do the same!!

  2. i AM a pack rat and this week as well as the weeks to come, things have benn thrown in the trash. Not so much things passed down in the family but... "oh J.T gave me that" and "oh i got that from so and so on such and such" getting rid of this is so difficult to do, especially when it holds something meaningful to you. good luck with that empty garage thing, we're right there with you!

  3. HA!!!!

    As I drag throgh all the stuff I ache to sell if at all possible, I smile at the thought that you have just come thorugh the same. We are so connected!