Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just a Drink of Cold Water

It was the week after the wedding and my job was to keep the shop while Caleb and Gaby were off in Mexico honeymooning.

The weather had turned off to be so hot people were hardly moving outside and the days were slow.
I had noticed on this particular day that the traffic was even near non-existent on this usually busy road. An occasional car would drive by. Stepping outside to check the thermostat on the porch, I stood outside for a mere few seconds and looked up and down the road, noting the lack of activity and thought how strange the day was without the presence of people moving about.

The thermometer was at the 103 degrees mark and it was just a little after 1:00 still with the heat of the day ahead of me.

Keeping busy with odd jobs organizing, dusting, and rearranging merchandise I had missed lunch and now, I was thirsty and ready to settle down to a bite to eat. I turned and walked back into the shop and headed the twenty or so feet to the back of the shop when I heard the chime. I turned in surprise.

There stood a short, thin man whose age was difficult to determine. Although he was probably a good four inches shorter than I am and could not have been over a hundred pounds my first instinct was fear, never more aware of being alone in the shop. The growth on his face and dirty, sagging clothing made him look unkempt and I knew he was not there on business. With one hand still on the doorknob he stood looking at me. He looked at the shop and moving his cupped hand to his mouth in a motion like drinking a soda he attempted communication in his native tongue. I understood agua. The rest was lost on me but I recognized his need for something to drink.

Telling him to wait I went to the back and took out a cool bottle of water from the refrigerator and took it to him. As I handed him the bottle all fear and reservations had dropped away. Thanking me he turned and left.

As he walked off the porch and began his journey on foot, I stood watching him for as long as I could see him.
even a drink of water to the least of these,
This little man who asked for no more than a drink of water would be a man I would remember for a long time to come.
some have entertained angels unawares
I was filled with emotions, recognizing my own blessed existence here on this earth in sharp contrast to this man.
I wore silk, he wore worn cotton.
I wore gold and silver, he had none.
I drove a nice car, he walked.
I had plenty to eat and drink, he had to ask for water.
I don't know where he came from, or where he went. I had never seen him before, nor have seen him since. But on that day his presence humbled me.

So today, let me leave you with this thought:
Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2


  1. I always think of that scripture whenever anyone comes to my door; even little children doing fund raisers.