Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Peek Behind the Artrageous Scenes

Wide format printer/ Archival quality inks on acid free canvas.
Some people may think I am being a little obsessive compulsive but I made the decision to take charge of the reproduction of my own artwork.  Rather than frustrate someone with the continual need to make  the adjustments I think are necessary to make it look just right I decided I could do it.
I have been quoted saying, "I grew up thinking I could do anything....I just need the instructions."

As I get older I am recognizing some limitations to that statement but still I just need the instructions and if I cannot do it,  I can supervise someone else.    

So here is a peek into my workspace which by the way, has beginning to take over my whole house.

The work is pretty labor intensive, often frustrating, and time consuming, and  requires quite a good dose of patience and a few pieces of equipment I have or need to buy ....and then Mister Lee says, "do you ever think you are sinking all this time and money into this venture and it is not going to pay off?"
Miter saw for stretcher bars....

Poor, Mister Lee! I never even considered the investment of time or money.  I am just drawn to do this.  I am just ignorantly happy in doing everything creative.  I do it for the love of artistic experimentation.  And I have friends who are just like me! You know, I can name you!

So here is a peek into my work space. (I used to say studio but now that half my house is my work space I just need to identify my house as my work space.)

 and electric stapler until I can afford the pneumatic stapler and air compressor to stretch the canvas
Buried Treasures


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