Sunday, July 27, 2014

Project Upholster the Settee: Burlap and Edgeroll

It has been a busy week and I have found very little time to work on the upholstering but here is the little bit of work I did get done.

First off, I took a paper pattern of the seat backs to my Upholstery supplier to get the foam cut to size.  At no extra charge to me they cut the foam according to my pattern.  I had to go back the following day and pick them up the. Had I known what to do in the beginning I could have saved myself a trip or two and would have been ahead of the game since I now have used up two additional days getting the foam I could have used for installing it.

I also, picked up more supplies I needed.

  • Five yards of burlap to cover the springs and 
  • 3/4" edge roll to place along the front of the springs. This will help give a nice rolled edge in the completed cushion.
  • Spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the foam and to attach the foam on the burlap.  
The burlap is to cover over the springs and is placed over t the springs and stapled all around.  Start in the center back, go to the center front and then stretch the burlap to make a neat covering of the springs. 

Oops!!If you will recall I am a newbie at this so I make mistakes. 
the flat head screwdriver is on the seat so I can pull out staples not installed correctly.  

Oops!  Another mistake I made was putting the foam on the springs and putting the burlap over the foam.  I was nearly finished before I realized my mistake!  Ugh!  More time wasted!

Edge roll comes in different sizes.  I used 3/4 inch.  I stapled it in the front and along both sides but the sides are not necessary and I ended up taking it off the sides because I could not get the stapler lined up to staple the edge roll in place.  I hope I don't regret it later.  

I did have some helpers as you can see.  I set the foam on the seat, set the little ones on the seat and took out my phone to snap a picture.   As soon as I took out the phone the kids took on a pose!
The foam is just sitting in place and not actually where it is going in the seat back.

Next: Foam Fun

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