Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Down Late Up Early

Have you ever been in a place where you are not supposed to fall asleep but can not seem to keep your eyes open?

I stayed up late last night. The Spurs were playing, the guys were watching and I was reading my Bad Girls book and peeking over the top of it occasionally. Once everyone else went to bed I finished up my chapter and went to bed also. But once I laid down I could not sleep. I did so much physical labor working in the yard during the day and lost of lot of fluids while out in the sun that once I got to bed I was in need of replenishing my fluids and could not sleep. So I got up, got a bottle of water and started working on my workbook expecting I would eventually get sleepy but it did not happen. Finally, at 3:00am I forced myself to go to bed. At a quarter to six this morning Lee was ready for me to get up so like a dutiful wife I found my way downstairs and to the kitchen.

So now, here I sit at the shop in the quiet and cool place with very little traffic in and out today, trying to keep my eyes open. I'm afraid I will fall asleep, start snoring and someone will walk in and I will not wake up.

Now that would be embarrassing.


  1. ha!!!!! I'll bet that's why I have such a hard time going to sleep.

    Ah, ambnien cr!!

  2. I drove by the shop on my way out of town today and thought about stopping. I wasn't sure if you would want somone just stopping by so I drove on. Sounds like I should have stopped.

  3. I'll be doing that tomorrow. It is 4:13 AM and I haven't been able to sleep yet.... Too much cleaning to do (in my mind anyway).

  4. Most recently I was falling asleep while watching a movie (in the public theater - not at home). I really had to fight to stay awake after working in the heat, showering and getting comfortable in the cool, dark theater.