Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Misfortunate Adventures of June

June has started off to be as busy as May but much more fun.

I have had some degree of family around since Thursday. I went to babysit at Leann's and ended up coming home with two boys plus my nephew who went with me. We decided to go fish in the tank that evening and in the morning we got up early and went again. We did not catch anything but we got a lot of practice in casting and in patience. The moss is so bad that we have decided on a group project to work on later....a dock. If we could get ourselves out farther so we could get past the moss maybe then we could place our hooks where we can catch some fish. All in all it was a pleasurable time.

Leann came on Friday morning and Carl and Lisa on Friday evening.

Before suppertime Leann and I and all of the boys went to Walmart. The boys searched the fishing gear and we girls got food for supper. When we got back home I put some suasage links on the grill for an easy supper. I went inside and put some vegetables cooking. In the mean time the sausage was cooking outside. I checked once, flipped them over and returned to my vegetables. I guess time got away from me because by the time I returned to the sausage it was flaming. There was no saving this sausage. We had hamburgers.

Lisa loves to play on our huge inflatable waterslide. We aired it up, found leaks, patched the leaks, waited an appropriate length of time, then aired it up again and began playing. Even the big kids get involved in playing on it and I mean big kids....Caleb, Daniel, Carl, Lisa....
I guess the abuse it got last summer was just too much for it. After a little while the seams gave way, ripped open and the slide collapsed.

It seems that the devil was prowling in my backyard these past few days trying to work our patience. Fortunately his bait was recognized and we worked our way through it. In fact, I believe there were more happy sounds all weekend and very few moans and groans.

There is nothing better than having family around.

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