Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Flylady

I hope I will be more productive tomorrow than I have been today. I had fully intended to get this house clean. I have been going online to check to see what the Flylady says I should be doing. I am too far behind to feel that picking up the clutter in the living room is all I need to do. After being occupied teaching for 10 months it is time to get in there and do the whole 9 yards. Although I will admit doing small bits and pieces of cleaning does help.


  1. I always resort to her holiday cleaning mode (at least I think that is it) where you set your timer for 15 minutes in each room. Personally, I feel like I'm getting more accomplished and keeps me from getting sidetracked as much. I just think, "I'll be in this room in another 5 can wait that long."

  2. Who is the Flylady? She sounds like a character in a book!

  3. Go to

    It is an organizational website. Leann used to get the emails from her years ago. I think she has quit by now but it gives a lot of good insight in how to get it done in a small amount of time.

    The general concept if you get organized and keep it up you will be more efficient.

    I used to do this better when I was a young stay at home mother and that was BEFORE flylady.