Sunday, May 20, 2007

Auditory or Visual

I have always known I was a visual person. I can tell you tons of stories that prove my visual-ness sometims to my chagrin.

BUT I sit while Lee listens to his Meet the Press and although I hear what they say I am not taking it in and when I watch it I am asking myself.....

.........."do these white headed men put something on their hair to make it so white?

..........Oh, look they have a new table.....

..........Oh, it is a triangle.......

..........Yellow and blue Meet the press logos in the background look like posters.......

..........Our host's face has gotten fuller over the years........."

Well, what can I say? I guess that is one of the reasons I teach art. The visual world around me is so important.

Auditory or Visual?


  1. I am definitely your sister! When Doug is asked for directions, he gives street and highway names, miles to next turn, etc. When I'm asked, I give the color of the house at the intersection of the next turn, nearby landmarks, flowers growing nearby, etc. When we go on vacation, it's all about the experience for Doug. He likes to check things off a list. For me, it's all about what I SEE. I remember the landscape, the pavers on the road, the sunset over the ocean. (My pictures are a lot more interesting, though, than photos of buildings.)I love "eye candy". Personally, I think God does too! (Why else would he have bothered to create things that are only beautiful under a microscope?)

  2. Yup, I make lists and check them off, give directions using the same things doug does... I have female friends who give directions based on what mall or store they are going to, may pass or where they start. So weird!!