Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hit by Happy This Morning.

I woke up really early this morning. The smile on my face must have been the reason. I got up went to the bathroom, climbed back into bed, smiled, wiggled around, smiled, wiggled around, smiled, snuggled up to Lee, smiled, wiggled, pet Einstein, wiggled, smiled.....I had been hit by happy this morning. Even Lee telling me that he was going to wake me up early tomorrow morning did not thwart my happy spirit.

Not only is this the last day of school but I also, taught the ladies class last night and it is now behind me.

I still have a few hoops to jump before the day is over and tomorrow I will have to turn in grades, and clean the room........but I have been hit by happy today!


  1. I love those days! it's been that way since Monday after we signed and I finally realized (just a litte) that God IS in control. Made me silly happy.

  2. Darla, you among all the women I know, deserve all the happiness you can wake up to!!

    Class was super, by the way!

  3. Those days for me are rare. Wish there were more. I spend most of my days in the "comfortable" range. Neither happy nor sad/upset. Just content.

  4. Those days when there is an expectant event always make it easier to wake up . . . happy!