Monday, May 28, 2007

Forever and Ever Hydrangea

It is Memorial Day. Although typically not a holiday for Lee, this year the rains have prevented him from getting in his fields and we decided to go into town to find a replacement window for the remodeling job we will be doing.

While shopping I always have to make a small pass through the plants to see if anything new is waiting there for me.

I found the beautiful Forever and Ever Hydrangea, a new Japanese variety that is a long bloomer like my Endless Summer variety but these blooms will be bigger. My Endless Summer is blooming it's heart out for me but it is at my house on North Trail.

This one will go outside in front of what will be my kitchen window after the remodeling job is complete. I will be able to see it while I clean the kitchen and enjoy it. Perfect! And the blooms are wonderful.

It reminds me of my summer visits in Georgia with Linda.


  1. I saw those today, too! I wish they would bloom "red" here like they have on the label. (at least the ones they had at Home Depot had pretty pinkish red blooms, but also said the PH determined their color.) Of course, North Carolina has acid soil, too, so they would be blue. Isn't it funny how the soil can change the color of the bloom? I see a Bible class lesson in that, Darla!

  2. That is one thing about living in SC, LOTS of different hydrangeas here! I personally love the maroonish red ones. Probably something to that. Gig'em.