Friday, May 18, 2007

Can't Please Everyone

Today I started my students on their end of the year drawing tests. I always set up my tests so that every minute of their time in my class is spent working on something productive. There are four days left and the drawing test will take four days. Then I do not have to deal with the discipline issue so much.

I always choose two types of drawings in order to give everyone a chance to shine. Some love to draw realistically and some imaginatively.
  • One drawing is a photograph of a flower and will be drawn by a grid method to calculate the skill they have developed. I am looking for acurate drawings with good toning.
  • The second drawing is a CD cover and is to calculate their creative, imaginative side.
This afternoon I started the test and everyone is drawing quietly really working hard on the drawing when one of my good students pops her head up and begins to complain about how she hates drawing by a grid and she will just fail this. Then another student not as well behaved popped up and said he hates it, too. I smiled sweetly and said, "well, I just can not please everyone at the same time. You may like the CD cover design test better."

No one else complained so I guess 2 out of 19 is not bad.
But we keep trying to please them all, don't we?

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