Monday, May 14, 2007


Looking forward to the freedom of summer.
Not that I can do anything I want but what I want I can do.

Funny, how my past times have changed over the years. It was not that long ago that I just wanted to go shopping. I loved to go to SA to shop and eat out. I liked to go to places that had roller coasters and fun rides and not just to look at the landscaping.

Now a little of that is alright but......I enjoy visiting family and friends. And I do enjoy getting out to fun places but now it is more to explore new landscaping ideas or photo opportunities. Roller coaster make me sick. I mean REALLY sick.

I look forward to fishing with the kids, spending mornings in my garden, watercoloring and drawing, flying to North Carolina, staying up late watching old movies, stepping up my exercise routine..........

Does that make me boring?


  1. Boring? No way! It sounds perfect to me!

  2. I second that! Wish I could tag along!

  3. Doing what you want to do is never boring. Being able to set your own agenda on a regualr basis is the ultimate freedom. My boss and I were discussing retirement this morning. He is already eligible to retire but is choosing to continue working. I will be eligible to retire on July 31, 2009. I've often said I want to keep working until I decide it's time to stop and not based on some arbitrary date on the calendar. However, the closer that date comes, the better it looks.

    We'll see...