Monday, June 4, 2007

Sweet Sounds

I learned to fish long before I learned to swim but I was afraid of the water and fish were cute. They stink but they are cute.

On the weekends when we would go to the "cabin" at the lake. My grandmother would walk us down to go fishing . Going to the cabin was a family event. Usually my uncle and his family were there, also. What fun. But it is my grandmother whom I remember taking us fishing. The men would go in the boat and we girls would sit on the big rock clift overlooking the deep waters. I can not remember catching anything much but I remember how I loved to go. My grandmother's chuckling laughter is forever etched in my memory.

This summer she will be 99. She is still the same to me even after all these years. I can hear her laughter even now.

Sweet sound!


  1. Wow, 99!!! After our trek to downtown churches here, I'm again amazed at history and the things people have seen and heard that will never again be seen or heard. The sound of a team of horses trotting down a cobbled street with the sound of coal trains in the background. Lots of stuff that will be lost and I mourn it. I saw the grave of one of the signers of the declaration of independence. I could have stood on it. You would never have known he was there if it weren't for the small plaque on the cover stone saying who he was. The cover stone was too faded to read. Very SAD!

  2. Wadda great blog. It has been and gues always will be my wish that at my funeral, people will remember me laughing.