Monday, February 4, 2008

Bekah in Otty

Listening to the presentation of a proud father speak of the his work in India and of his daughter's touched my heart at the zeal and the unselfishness of this young woman. Many young people are still struggling to "find" themselves at her age. Their desire is often worldly and surely selfish, often with a list of things to do and buy to satisfy their wants with little regard for those less fortunate in life.

Rebecca grew up just like the rest of our children from church. She made a couple of trips to South Africa on missionary trips while in college. That must have just whet her appetite for ministry. The thing that impresses me is not that she is in India but it is her desire to ministry to the needs of people less fortunate. The thing that impresses me is that she has found her talent and is not burying it. She intends to use it for God.

While many woman will shrink back and be timid she is forging ahead to blaze a trail. It is my prayer that as Bekah ministers to the needs of the people in Otty that she will touch their hearts with her zeal for God.

I am impressed. Read her blog. I plan to keep up with it.
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