Monday, February 18, 2008

What would you put on a grasshopper to eat it?

I love playing Loaded Questions. We have played the game a number of times and always enjoy it. We played with our friends on Saturday night.
It never fails that when we play the game we always laugh throughout the game.
The game really is a ice-breaker type of game and you really get to see how people think by their answers.

Question:If you can give yourself something luxurious what would it be?
Answer:(Enough milk to make the mashed potatoes smooth, Jackie?)

Question:Who do you model your life after?
Answer:(Myself, Stacey?)

Question:Where would you hate to find yourself in the morning?
Answer:(In the back seat of the neighbor's car?)

Okay, so you see why you might be laughing when you play the game.
Sometimes the truth is funnier than fiction!
And under no circumcisions will you find me eating grasshoppers.


  1. I LOVE that game!! Jarred and I bought it when my family came out for christmas. It was a blast!! Cant wait to play it again!!!

  2. Not even a 'gummi' grasshoppoer!