Thursday, February 21, 2008

Okay God I'm listening.

Okay, God, I'm listening.
I know there must be a lesson here to learn.

We were given a great opportunity that would be great PR for Caleb's business, and for my personal growth as an artist. Now here on the threshold of opportunity a kink (a lost shipment of frames we were going to use.) was thrown into the works which limits the selections we will be able to show. We still have several pieces to show but not five of my newer pieces that have never been framed.

Disappointed in this on several levels I know God must be speaking to me. There must be a lesson to learn here that has escaped my attention.

Maybe, it is to stop and count my blessings and realize that it is through God that any opportunity is presented to us or to be patient to wait on God's timing or something like that. After all it was just last week that Caleb and I did a presentation to the Woman's Club, a smaller group than tonight's group will be but a wonderful group of woman. Although disappointed it is not life changing.

I do find it interesting that God is allowing the opportunity but he has limited the pieces we will show in it.
I wonder what he wants me to realize.


  1. Perhaps God only wants to you realize that this matters to him. You are his child. When our children are hurt, or embarrassed, or frustrated, etc., we take notice. We hurt with them. We want them to come to us and let us hold them. Jesus performed a the miracle of turning water to wine even though it was not the "planned" miracle (remember, it wasn't "his time") because he wanted to save his friends from embarassment. He cared. Your frames not coming is probably a little thing in the scheme of life, but I firmly believe that God cares about the little things. He can take this "missed opportunity" and make it work out for good. There's no telling what he can do with this! If he wants you to have the opportunities those framed paintings could have brought, nothing can stop God, the loving Father, from lavishing them on you.
    Now, save this for the next time I complain to you that I COULD have done this or that if things had worked out the way I had planned. We forget so quickly, don't we!

  2. You'll know later.

    That's what happened to me.

    more than once.