Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Outdoor Games:Team Challenge

Part of the fun of the Fourth of July 
is being able to play outdoors with friends and family.

Our family hosted a teen party this Fourth.  The family came up with this game. 

Team Challenge:

The game board is the back yard:

The object of the team is to direct a blindfolded team member through a maze without stepping into the yellow mine field, yellow line or on opposing team colored circles as quickly as possible but must step in the teams color circles to advance to finish..

Start Line
We used  Rustoleum marking spray paint.  Not only does it wash out with water, it  does not hurt your grass

    • We made our triangular "field" about 25'-30'.
    • Our circles were about 10"-12".  (I used a pizza box a plate as a template to cut my circles to use as a template for spraying.)
    • We marked the tip of the triangle as the start and another corner for the big finish. (see photo below)
    • Between Start and finish we sprayed circles in an equal number of red, white and blue circles with dividing lines  which marked off three sections of the field with a yellow line with an opening in the line AND most importantly we had our explosive "mines" marked in yellow circles placed strategically among the field.
    • Our circles were about 10"-12".  (I used a pizza box a plate as a template to cut my circles to use as a template for spraying.)
    • One person must be a time keeper and one person must be a referee.
    • Optional: We used Mardi gras necklaces from Target  as tokens.  Each team member who crossed the finish line got a necklace in the team color.  At completion the winning team gets a second necklace in a different color. 
    • Teams were chosen and given the following instructions:
      • Each member walks the field but not all have to complete it.
      • Alternate between teams: Red Team, Blue Team and White Team one member at a time. 
      • First player is blindfolded and placed on Start.
      • The remaining team members must verbally direct the blindfolded member through the field to the finish line without stepping on any yellow mine, yellow line or opposing team's circles but they must step on their team's color circles to advance to finish.
      • The first time a team player steps on any forbidden zone they must restart at the beginning.  
      • The second time a team player steps on any forbidden zone the player is out.
      • No one other than the blindfolder player may be inside the perimeters of the field during a play. 
      • Only team members may direct blindfolded player directing from the outer perimeter of the field.  
      • Winner of the game is the team with the most members making it through the field in the shortest amount of time.
    This game is good for team building skills or just a fun time. There is no set pattern of where the circles are placed and we provided a good bit of "green" space which safe zone.

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    1. Oh, this looks like so much fun! And I love the flag in your grass!

    2. Great ideas and your teens appear to be blissfully happy and having loads of fun! Great job!! Thank you very much for linking up to Toot-torial Tuesday at RocknQuilts.blogspot.com

    3. How fun!! I want to play sometime!!