Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Countdown

28 more days!

I think I can deal with 28 more school days with students. This has been a stressful year for me. For the most part of the year I felt my job was in transition. With a new superintendent we have had some restructuring and it took it's toll on my position. There have been good times and bad times. My notorious sixth period class has finally begun to settle down and actually try to learn something. For the last six weeks just for me to survive the class I have put together drawing exercise booklets that we are working from and we are now doing Friday competitions. Their drawings have improved 100% in just a couple of weeks. The real trick is just a change in their attitudes.

Attitude is so important. What can we accomplish with simply a change of attitude.


  1. I agree that a change in attiude can make a huge difference. While I do not have a countdown each year to look forward to, I have smaller goals to set each week and month. Sometimes with my job I feel as if I am on a roller coaster, that I have my good times and bad times. Yup, that's right...times not days. However, I always find that when I seem to be down in the dumps, I will intentionally seek out another person to help me to "fill in" my low spot. The intentional seeking of another person seems to take my focus off myself and more onto the task at hand.

  2. To me, you just hit on the secret of a good teacher; keep looking until you hit what motivates the kids. Those are the good days; when you see the change. Thanks, I needed to be reminded of that this week!!