Sunday, April 29, 2007

Enchanted Rock

What a wonderful day we had Saturday at Enchanted Rock.
The weather was perfect for the climb. At the top of the rock, the view was wonderful. We could see for miles and it all looked good. From the distance all the green tree tops mesh together and the bare ground is not visible. Pools of water reflect the sky and you can not see the stinky stuff in it. People are like little ants walking around. It creates a very nostalgic view of the world, sort of a Charles Wysocki look.

I really enjoyed watching my oldest grandson's enthusiasm for the climb. At the start of the trek up the rock he was pretty close to my side but as the climb became more difficult and steep, he got ahead with some of the other younger members of our climb. The distance between us widen as time went on. I'm sure I took more breaks than he did. He made it to the top of the rock several minutes before me and was jubilant, completely animated. A few dogs made the climb with their owners and seemed no worse for the wear.

It was a great time of reflection.


  1. As Jackie said on your last post, great minds think alike. Check out what I wrote. You are definitely right, it was a wonderful day!

  2. that is a great post!! You can just picture the view!!! glad you guys had fun!!!