Monday, April 23, 2007

Life Lessons I Learned in my Garden

I accepted the challenge of teaching a lesson in the Wednesday night ladies' class at my mother-in-law's urging and my sister-in-law's encouragement. How could I say no? Even though I am comfortable in the classroom teaching on a daily basis teaching a ladies' class is very intimidating.

What can I offer a class of older women that will be appropriate and relevant to their lives? What can I offer this diverse group of women who have been strong Christian women for more years than I have lived.

Then it came to me. I have to teach something that touches me. Jesus taught in parables why don't I use some of my lessons I have learned from my garden. When I emailed my sister with this idea she had just the devotional book for me, The View from Goose Ridge by Cheryl Bostrom. Her devotionals are inspired by her gardens and events in her gardens.

Life lessons can be found in most anything. Jackie with her horses. Me with my gardens.

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  1. Lessons from everyday life are those that mean the most to us. They are also the easiest to share and prepare. Lots of good thoughts and prayers will be offered on your behalf as you prepare your lessons.