Friday, April 6, 2007

Woman of Leisure

I love to have a full day all to myself. Is that selfish?

Even if my day is spent in trivial pursuits just trying to maintain a house or prepare for company it is fun not to be on a rigorous schedule of a job. I think that I will enjoy retired life if I ever get to retire. Right now, retirement is only a dream. It seems there are more and more places for the money to go.

I was talking to Daniel and my parents the other day. In the middle of all as far as age is concerned, me 53, Daniel 25 and my parents up in their 70s. Daniel had asked something about my early hours. I made the statement that I want to use every minute. I do not want to waste any of my time. I rise early and I don't mind going to bed late if I am working on something. I wake up during the night. I get up.

Daddy sat listening quietly then said, "You'll get over that."

I guess I will. On days like today, I have wasted my time, hesitating to smell the clean sheets as I snapped them in the air, lingering in the nursery looking at the newest assortment of plants on the shelves, searching the shelves at Walmart for just the right little thing to give the kids for Easter, checking my plants for new signs of life emerging from their seeds, marveling at the yellow and purple irises blooming in my yard I am a woman of leisure.

I think I like it.

Thanks, Linda for the comfort verse. Thought I would share it.
Isaiah 41:13
"For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you."


  1. I had to laugh as I read your blog this morning. Doug got up at about 5:30 and started in with a list of things he wants US to accomplish today. I slept until 7:15 and I'm still not fully awake (it's 8:30 now). I sometimes feel guilty about sitting down and sipping a cup of coffee during the day and sometimes I enjoy it to the max! Maybe I'm in the "getting over it" stage. When I want to just sit and think, I remind myself that God told us to "be still". I don't think he meant "be lazy", but I don't think he created us for the hectic, bussling, slaves to a clock lifestyle either. I was never very good at that. I start feeling anxious and cranky when my calendar is full. I love sitting and watching a squirrel or a bird. I love watching the sunrise or sunset (at least I used to before we lived in a forested area where you can't see them!!!). I think what you "get over" is feeling guilty about enjoying what God created for you to enjoy. He could have just created the sunrise as a blah event. Instead, he painted it with colors and even threw in the sound of birds and the smell of morning. You can't sit through one without praising him. I think we need more of that!

  2. God gave us so many things to marvel at and enjoy. Sometimes the smallest things are the best. No matter how busy and husseled we get, there is always time to enjoy what we have been given.

    For Linda & Doug:
    Even in the forest we can enjoy the beginning and the ending of the day...only in a little bit different way. Light and shadow comes at different angles and arrive at different times. I think trees look totally different at that time of day when the sun offers just enough light to tease and it forces us to look a bit harder at thngs.

  3. Andrew, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I didn't mean to imply the forest wasn't beautiful in a different type of way. It is gorgeous in hundreds of ways! I marvel every time I see a tree blossom or a bird build a nest. God certainly did a good job, didn't he?

  4. with two small kids I really dont have time to "stop and smell the flowers" but on the days when I can, I love it and cherish every moment i get with whatever it is. I love those days. :)

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