Sunday, June 10, 2007

iGoogle page

Okay, maybe I am a little slow but I have JUST discovered the iGoogle page with all of the stuff to add to your Google page.
I spent hours yesterday playing with it and setting it up. Okay, maybe one hour.
I added all the blogs I read and put it on my Google page so it alerts me when there is something I have not read. I added a daily Bible verse, a quote of the day, a calendar, a baby ticker (like Jaci's), email notifier and google talk that I use to keep in touch with my friend Kandi. And there is so much more I could add.

I have had the gmail account for years now but never used it for all of this. Also, using an Apple computer I do have widgets on my dock that are like these things but this is better because I made Google my homepage (sorry Caleb, I had royalframeworks) so every time I go to the internet I have it at my fingertips.

Pretty cool.

1 comment:

  1. Awww Darla!! Thanks for doing that just to keep in touch with me!!! I really miss you!!!

    P.S. I love the thingie with Lisa's baby!!!