Monday, March 12, 2007


My Spring Break is off to a good beginning.

I think it is very important to set goals for yourself. Even if all of my goals are not met by the end of the week I will have gained by setting the goals and working toward something other than watching tv and eating bonbons. I have always been pretty much goal oriented and work best when working from a list.

When the children were young we made a chore list to complete by the end of the morning before we could do something enjoyable. Now my list is what I find enjoyable. Funny how the passing of time has changed my perception of enjoyable and I have to include things on my list to make sure that I enjoy life. My life has become too busy when seeing my grandchildren is on my goal list. I should be seeing them more regularly.

So far I have worked on most of the goals with nothing completed but all have been addressed except the weeding the flowerbeds and with the rain that may end up being something for the end of the week.
  • Leann and her kids are coming to visit today. I had hoped that Jenny could come also, but she is sticking to her homeschooling schedule and that is a good thing. I am looking forward to being with Leann's children and hope to see the other ones later in the week. We have no plans for the day but I am sure these boys want to watch cartoons and play games. I hope the weather holds enough for us to get outside for a explorative walk. I guess, we will not get to go far but at least up toward the tank and back.
  • The guys and I have been working hard on the website and have included a couple of new pages and intend to get more pages done before the week is out. I ordered business card magnets yesterday for us to use for advertising. We get more excited over the website everytime we add to it. It has been a tremendous amount of work but we envision this as being vital to the success of the business. We still have a ton of stuff to add and then Caleb will get more merchandise in and we will start again but that is alright. Some of the pictures need to be improved but all in good time. We expect to have to keep updating the site and that is what will keep people coming to it in the future. (I have the site listed in my links.)
  • I jogged down to Mama's house and back and although it was just a short distance that is a beginning. I used to do up to about 3 miles a day but a little time and a lot of weight between then and now and I will have to ease into this.
  • Cleaned house on Saturday morning and as all know this is an ongoing battle as long as you LIVE in the house.
Most of all I have enjoyed being able to be calm and relax. Family is the most important part of life.

Yesterday Ray talked on "doing what is good". I think about this often. It strikes me that often we think of NOT doing things that are bad as doing good enough. But not doing bad is not good enough! Our goal should be "doing what is good".

I know my thoughts today are random. My day may be random. Do good things today!

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  1. I probably need to learn from you and the list-making; I procrastinate WAY too much! Dana is here, and we've already enjoyed one great movie, with plans for a couple more during her visit.

    I've visited the website, and it's great! I hope it brings you all the business you so deserve!!

    I love you, Darla!