Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How do you say I love you

On the evening news the weather man said, "make sure you take your umbrella as you go out this week."
An instant flash back sprang to my mind from a Love Seminar from years and years ago. Expressing love is not always verbal. With some it will be a simple reminder to carry your umbrella when you go out.

Earlier I had recalled the message on the machine the night before reminding my husband of his dentist appointment that afternoon and although I knew he had heard the message I stopped what I was doing to call him and remind him one more time.

His response was not what I expected from him. In the sweetest voice he could muster he said, "Aw-w, you really do care. I love you."

Silly me, I did not even know that he would interpret that as a message of love. What a valuable bit of information I learned today.
According to Gary Chapman in the book "Five Love Languages" there are five ways to express love: words, action, service, touch and gift giving.

Anyone read the book? I think it might be interesting.

Take your umbrella tomorrow!


  1. The Five Love Languages has changed the way that I view and interact with people! I recommend it to everyone I get a chance! I let someone borrow it and never got it back. I need a new copy. GREAT book!!!!

  2. I have scanned the book and was involved in a Bible class where it was referred to a lot. The website is good, also. I think it's good to know what makes the people around us feel loved. We have to learn to show them we love them in a way they understand.

  3. I haven't read the book, but have been encouraged to. Guess it's time to break down and just do it, huh?

    That sounds so like Lee. He cracks me up.