Saturday, March 31, 2007

Treadmill Update

The treadmill has been in my house for one week now.
  • I used it 5 days out of the 7.
  • Put in over eighteen miles total
  • spending a combined total of 3.5+ hours
  • and burning off a whooping 2181 calories this week.
I say that is a good beginning.


  1. wow .. I wish I could do that. :)

  2. you go girl. as long as I don't have to - ha!!!

  3. Good for you. However, as one who keeps lists. I would urge you to not get so caught up in the numbers and stats. Though they can help you for the moment. In the long run, it has been my experience, that to do so will only eventually ruin the experience. Just get on the machine, "feel the burn" and enjoy the thought of doing something productive for yourself. Purely a selfish thing.

    Now, having said that, there's this...but whatever works for you.

  4. After rereading my response, please don't think me negative. I applaud you for your sticktuativeness (is that a word?). It's always a good thing to exercise. Your record is excellent Keep it up!!