Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Idea Reworked

Here is another option.
Add Mom in the background, people added to background but in such a way as to not draw attention away from children at play, more pails in front of sand piles and Dad moves slightly to the right and then Mom moves to the right just a bit (below).

Better ?
Too confusing? Too busy?
Or more interesting?
Or back to the drawing board?


  1. I like it! I think it could be a winner.

  2. Looks Great!!! Miss you very much!!!

  3. I like the top one - with mom actually 'touching' the child. EXCELLENT lines.

    oh yeah. you da woman.

  4. I agree! It's amazing how much Leann looks like you, Darla, in that picture.

  5. Thanks for all of your input. I have made a decision and will begin my drawing thanks to your help. I decided to use the top picture with Mom behind the second boy (overlapped in the image) and then added a few people off in the surf on both the right and left side because I decided that they were more interesting than distracting and when painting they will be just simple images not detailed at all, no worse than having trees in the background of other compositions.

    I hope the drawing turns out to be as much fun as the planning for this.

    Your comments are very helpful. I would never have gone past the original concept had it not been for your comments early on. What fun!

  6. Linda, I received a picture of me from a student whose Grandmother worked at the newspaper around here and she found this picture that had been published 20 years ago.

    As she slid the photo under my nose I immediately thought it was Leann.

    How weird!

  7. People have always told me how much Dana looks like me - it is a little disconcerting, because I think she is much more beautiful!!

    The painting will be great - I can't wait to see it!!