Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Idea

Thanks to my visit with Leann and the boys I have made a decision on the next painting to start when I get back to school.

Feeding the Ducks is on the verge of completion and in order to keep up the pace I have been working on the compostion for a new one. Leann had photos from her day at the coast and I have been rearranging them into a pleasing composition using Photoshop. I am putting three photos together and will fill in the white areas with appropriate background. The strange streak through the red pail is where one child was standing and I took him out because it looked like he was cloned when he reappeared seated.

I have two compositions. One with the little one on the left and one with him on the right.

Help me decide which to do. Which version is most pleasing to you?


  1. The one with the boy on the right has the grown up too close to the middle. The one with the boys all on the left needs more weight at the right bottom to feel more balanced - (maybe another pail?). Maybe the grown up in the plan with the boy at the right could just be shifted away from the middle a little?
    I love the idea. I have no doubt you can pull it off and it will look great!

  2. I like the one with the "little one" on the right - but I like balance and symmetry. My only question - where's the mom???

    You are so talented....

  3. I think that's the mom way out on the horizon. She's yelling, "Help me! Help me!", but the guys are too intent on what they're doing to hear her. :o)

  4. Since the mom is the photographer it is hard to get her in the picture. Not one in her batch of photos. But yes, I believe that does look like her in the surf!

    I have some interesting shots of people in the gulf I was considering putting in. They are normal people of all shapes and sizes and will add a lot of interest to the composition.

    The balance is my concern and the one is off balanced and the other is too centered as you said, Linda. I had planned about putting a pail in the lower right to balance the boys on the left but I am torn between the two compositons. The second one makes a nice movement through the picture with the adult standing with kids on each side. I can shift him as needed to keep him out of the middle. And then I really like the little one on the right because he is into what his older brother is doing but it needs toys in the sand on the right.

    But Amy your idea of putting Mom in there is something that was just a passing thought but I do have a group of photos that I can use to get Mom in MAYBE! I will check into that. It would be good to include her even if distantly in the surf. What a good idea.