Sunday, March 25, 2007

Have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?

As the Galations verse was quoted in the Sunday morning class thoughts of Christians withdrawing from their brothers rushed into my mind. Everyone can recall a time when someone took offense when told that their actions were sinful. Often withdrawing from their Christian brothers they continue in their sinful actions thinking they have removed themselves from the offended brother therefore will not have to hear the criticisms anymore.

The problem?
They saw the messenger but not the judge.
They have forgotten that their actions are not hidden from God.
Does it matter that the messenger was not eloquent or even tactful when they told the offender the truth?
Whose message was it?

What a good friend that must be when one puts a friendship on the line in order to help the other to see that their actions are separating them from God.

As we go through our day today let's remember who we are and whose we are.


  1. I think most often problems occur because the person telling the "sinner" about their sin was not really a friend, but an aquaintance. They come across as being eager to point out wrongdoing instead of doing this out of love. I think you have to have a true relationship with someone (beyond a smile and "hello" at church) before you're entitled to point out their sin. OR ELSE, we fit Matthew 7:3 -5. Then, you have a responsibility to encourage them and help them along in a loving way.

  2. I should have added that all that is WHY we should have deeper relationships with our Christian brothers and sisters. It doesn't get us off the hook, but holds us more accountable. If we haven't gotten involved in people's lives enough to influence them, we are also in the wrong.

  3. I agree with you completely. Often it IS someone eager to point out the wrongs of others but the usually have that reputation and everyone knows them for the busybodies that they are.

    When a friend comes to you with a concern we should realize that it was a difficult task for them, probably one they struggled with and worry that the relationship is on the line over it then we need to be mature enough to listen beyond the messenger and hear God's words through our friend.

  4. Even though I agree with Rob from Sunday morning that though the correction ultimately comes from God, it is still hard to accept a rebuke from someone we do not know or do not know well. It is so much easier to accept a criticism from someone that we truly know, love and understand than one out of the blue. 'linda & doug' said we must have "deeper relationships with our Christian brothers and sisters". They are so right. It doesn't let us slide by but rather makes us think harder about what we have done to illicit the rebuke. Simply because of numbers, we won't know everybody well enough to offer an encouragenebt but we should know each other well enough to say that we are on the same path and in need of each other's help.

  5. How true, Andy. It is difficult to accept from those we know well much more difficult from those we do not know.

  6. What a burden to bear! God must think we are pretty strong to take on such tasks. I know that the verse says he will never give us more than we can bear but I heard something recently that made me stop and take note. Someone said they believe that God will give us more than we can bear so that He can prove who He is in our lives. Confronting a love one and risking damaged relationships - Yep, seems like something I would need God to be strong for me on.

  7. I have always said and this proves it: Christianity is simple - NOT easy.

  8. I think it is harder when it comes from someone you dont know personally. but I also think whoever it is can be hurtful and mean and make you think twice about being "one of them" it makes sit back and question your faith, if this is how a christian is suppose to be do I want to be this?? I think thats where most people start losing faith. Plus I think that borders the "thou shall not judge" havent read all the responses so sorry if I am just repeating anything anyone said. miss you guys!!! :)