Friday, May 13, 2011

A Painting A Day: Field Trip!

I did not know any of these boys but they were so animated while looking at the exhibit at the zoo that I was intrigued by them.
Working small and with so many little figures I had to keep the drawings somewhat loose.  
I struggled with the face on the boy facing outward.  I thought about all those artist doing the little carvings on ivory or wood or whatever and could not imagine going any smaller and getting any sort of detail.  This boys face is about the size of a dime and I used my smallest brush.  One dot in the wrong spot and it is all over.  
I painted it.
I repainted it.
I even had to scrap off the top layer of the paper on the boys face and redo it again! 
Oh, how frustrating!!!

But I love the rhyme of the boys all crowded in among themselves.
I think this one would be a fun larger painting.
I think I see a summer project!
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  1. I've been the elementary school teacher taking these boys to the zoo on a field trip! I think I know what they are saying to each other!!