Monday, May 9, 2011

A Painting A Day: Mama's Flowers

The flowers this time of year are so beautiful.  
I always enter the stores through the garden section and then work my way out of it but I have to stop and smell the flowers before moving on.  I can credit my mother for this love of flowers.  I can remember waking up early in the mornings back when we slept with the windows open and I would look out my window and Mama was already outside watering her flowers.  
I loved them from the time I can remember.

So it only seems natural to adorn a gift with a flower instead of a bow. 
I inserted this beautiful yellow Gerbera Daisy in the craft tote I bought my mother.  

Before I left her house I was sure to get some photos of it. 
I set the flower up in front of the television (turned off) so I had a black background instead of the distracting background I would have gotten otherwise.
With a photo in hand and the images drawn off quickly I began to paint. 
Once I started working the background I then could play with the shapes and colors creating a textured background using the complementary colors to the flowers.  The textures in the background help to create the movement toward the focal point making sure to leave my corners unadorned.  

Mama's Flowers is an acrylic painting, 6.5" x 10.5".

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  1. That turned out so nice! I would like a couple dozen gift cards printed with these!

  2. You know, the more I think about that the more I think that would really be a fun use of some of these little paintings, Linda. I am going to look into that.