Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Painting A Day: Treasure Hunting

Our lives got "complicated" over the weekend (more so than our usual, normal complications) so I missed a day painting here and there.  

I missed painting on Friday because I left my drawing and paints at home when I went to school and when I got home I was in the midst of the "complications".  

Then on Saturday my house was full of people moving things out of my house and then people moving things into my house and then there were trips back and forth to the storage unit in town.  So painting was out on Saturday.  

Sunday I was wiped out but by evening I was rested enough to spend a little time preparing a few drawings for the new week.

I have doubled up on my paintings for a couple of days to fill in for those days I missed.  I really did miss them, too.  I have formed a habit of painting in the evenings or at school.  People ask what I have painted and I pull out all of my little paintings to show them off.  

It is so fun!  I am so glad to have challenged myself.  I do think I am a slave driver to myself.  I stayed up late a couple of nights at the start of this just to get my paintings done.

Now that my time of challenge is soon to end (in just a few more days) I will have to come up with some new sort of challenge for myself. 

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