Monday, May 16, 2011

A Painting A Day: Sea Gulls

This painting is actually a fun little study in watercolor. 

I drew it off quickly and painted it nearly as quickly.   
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  1. Your quick draw/paint look so much better than mine ever would! I lvoe that you're doing this - especially in such a crazy busy time (i.e. end of the year, family coming, etc). You are amazing!

  2. Quilting takes lots of time - it's amazing what beauty comes out of a few minutes! Such a lovely work - everything you do is amazing!

  3. Thank you, ladies!

    I guess, I should quality this. It has taken me about 35 years of drawing and painting to be able to do a quick little study like this. It is amazing what a little time and practice can bring about.

    When my students look at my work and marvel at how quickly I completed something that would take them days I tell them how many years of practice I have behind me.

    Then they are amazed at how old I am! And probably 35 years is conservative estimate but I don't tell them that!