Monday, May 2, 2011

A Painting A Day

I know, you all are thinking I have quit on my challenge of a painting a day. 
That would not be correct.  

I did a painting on Saturday you will never see.
I got some new acrylic paints I wanted to play with and I did a non-objective design painting that day. When I paint non-objectively I have a hard time taking the paintings very seriously.

I also, started a drawing on Saturday of this river rental scene that has all sorts of rentals.  I took hours just drawing because the painting is 11"x 22" which is almost the size of three little paintings I have been doing and it is a rather complex design.

Still Working on this one.  Check back tomorrow for an updated version.
I expected to get right to work on it Sunday afternoon but finished up the drawing and got a little paint on it.

Today I have spent a good bit of time painting on my river rental scene but did not have a full block of time for it like I have been doing.  Work was sporadic but I have the hardest part behind me.  No area is complete and some don't even have any paint but you can get an idea of where this is going and hopefully tomorrow I will post the finished painting.

Maybe, this is why it is called a challenge.
Time is a challenge!
I miss getting to sit down and really focus my attention on my painting when I have so many other things demanding my attentions.
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  1. I saw this painting in progress in person and it will be beautiful. I love the colors. Part of the challenge was trying to paint while babysitting and watching us paint walls! I would have liked to be sitting there painting with you. It would be hard to concentrate, I know.

  2. Thank you, Linda. I felt guilty not painting and the babysitting is an act of love. That baby of ours is so cute!!!