Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Painting A Day: Paper Sails

There is a fascination with water.  
We migrate toward water as soon as the weather starts to warm a little, camping next to a lake, river or a big body of water of some sort.  

At the start of this week I went through old photos and chose a number of photos that I thought could make a good composition.  It was not until I got to painting I soon realized that most of this week's paintings are at the edge of water or water related.  I have three more drawn out I am still planning to paint and all are at the water's edge.  Funny things though, they are not from one trip but rather several different trips to different locations.  

I remember one trip my husband and I made when our children were about 7 and under.  It was a camp site friends had recommended.  We pulled an RV to the spot and settled in and as soon as we got settled the kids started to ask where the water was.  There was no water other than a public swimming pool.  The kids had no idea what to do with themselves.  I think they would have rathered been at home because we had dirt and trees at home.  We hiked and rode bikes in the hot blazing sun and then returned home early, cutting our time short.  
 We all missed the water.
I think the fascination with water began with infancy.  All of my children loved playing in their bathwater.  The bathtub would be full of all sorts of floating toys until they outgrew them.  

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  1. Maybe the fascination with water begins before birth when we are floating in water, relaxed and warm and without a care in the world. Then boom - there we are in the world!
    I love the painting1

  2. Oh, that is deep, Linda!
    By the way, now that the painting is on my blog I am looking at that weird looking blob at the right of the child and it is weird looking. I think it looked more like a huge rock in the painting but here it looks like some sort of weirdness! I posted from a different computer and the colors are just not the same from computer to computer. I struggle with that. I never feel the painting look "right" at least, not the right like I painted.