Monday, May 16, 2011

A Painting A Day: Mariachi Singers

Oh, what freedom there is when drawing people whom I don't know.  No worries about insulting anyone because their face is messed up or their body looks too fat or just that they don't see themselves looking the way we see them.  I don't know these guys personally but we did have this group of singers at the wedding for Caleb and Gaby a couple of years ago.  The group wandered in and around our guests and some of our guest even stood up with the group and joined them singing.  They were very good and their presence was appreciated.

It was very festive, very fun!

Mariachi  (Watercolor 8" x 10)"

Often in the San Antonio area we find Mariachi bands playing in the restaurants, weddings, parties and the such like.  Recently Lee and I picked up my sister and her husband from the airport and headed over to a popular Mexican restaurant and were anxious to hear all about their trip.  The Mariachi band came out and the lone man sitting at the table next to us made a request for a song. The man made a second request, then a third and by the time he was four or five requests into the night we were beginning to realize he was lonely and planned to keep the band at his side all night long.    

The group was close enough to us that any one of us could have picked their pockets if we had been so inclined (which we were not) and so loud that we could not hear each other talk and we soon began joking about tipping them to go sing at the opposite end of the restaurant so we could appreciate them more and we could talk. 

The next weekend we went out to another Mexican restaurant and another Mariachi group  played at the next table but thankfully they were not so close nor so loud and we enjoyed their songs much more.  

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