Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby Shower: Cute as a Button

A Baby Shower! 

Oh, so much fun!

This weekend was a busy weekend.
Family and friends gathered at my house in honor of the anticipated arrival of a new baby girl.

Going into the weekend I was concerned that it was going to be so much work and was a-l-m-o-s-t dreading it.

But from the second I snapped the tablecloth into the air and it drifted downward covering my island my house began to transform into a pink wonderland with the help of a couple of pink silky pashminas and another white silky brocade to puddle under the serving dishes, a couple of ivy garlands twisted with my LED Christmas lights to wind its way across the table,  a few picture frames with quotes for the new baby and vases with greenery!  Then when the cupcakes and iced sugar were added and the punch bowl filled with sherbet punch it was mystical looking.  "Dream", a metal sign was strung on mono-filament line (if not a baby shower you would say "fishing line") was suspended from the ceiling over the centerpiece and another one over a balloon bouquet.

Gaby and Caleb both showed their truly creative sides by making both the invitations and the sugar cookies in the shape of a little baby outfit.  Caleb even MADE the cookie cutter using a metal foil pan.  How smart is that!!!

Our party theme was As Cute As A Button.  Linda made five different flavors of cupcakes.   Everyone loved them.  They were a great hit!  Each was decorated differently to distinguish it's flavor but all keeping to the theme.

Other decorations included several jars of antique buttons, a display of baby shoes in an old wooden soda crate, helium balloons loose hoovering the ceiling here and there and lighted ficus trees and who knows what else.

We handed out games that you had to guess the incubation period of various animals and also, a baby crossword puzzle.

When it was all over and all the decorations came down I still had a clean house except for a few minor clean up chores.  And I still had part of my weekend to read and relax!

What a fun weekend!

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  1. Maybe you and Linda should become event planners; it was stunning!!

  2. Only if Gaby will join us! I would love that. It is fun!

  3. It IS fun! We would need a huge budget so we could really go "hog wild" with everything!

  4. I love this shower!!! The pictures are great!! Thanks for your comments on my pictures! If you ever need photos taken let me know! :-) You are so talented!!! Love your painting a day (I am doing a photo a day...although I am behind a few days)!
    Jennifer B