Friday, April 22, 2011

A Painting A Day: Feeding the Cows

Unfinished (Feeding the Cows Watercolor 8" x 10")
It has been a busy day but I did get a painting started.  

Feeding the Cows is a small watercolor.  It is a painting of my son and his son sitting on top of a round hay bale with a cow below them eating the hay.  My grandson was not to sure about the situation and was a little scared.  I can remember being scared of cows myself when I was young.  If I were ever to touch a cow or even a calf I had to be held by one of my parents.  If they were not holding me I kept my distance.  

You can not see the face of the cow and I can not "make it up".  I have seen cows all my life but while I am painting the face on a cow eating escapes me.  

At some point I accidentally picked up a large amount of Ultramarine blue while working on my son's face and before I noticed the blue it was right in the middle of his face.  

I screamed!

Then I wet it and wiped it and got most of it off but lost a little of the detail in his face.  
So despite the challenges I have had today I got most of a painting done. 

I am still working on it.   
No area is complete yet. 

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