Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Painting A Day: Buried Treasures

What summer is complete without a trip to the beach?
My memories are filled with beach stories...finding sand dollars with your feet at low tide, building sand castles along the shoreline, digging for pirates buried treasures, looking for sea shells along the sea shore....
Buried Treasure is a small watercolor (8" x 10")
I think I completed this in record time but then again, it is a really simple painting.  
Tomorrow is a day off for me.  I am looking forward to preparing for family who will be here on Sunday and having more time to paint.  This  painting challenge has been a wonderful experience for me.  It has helped me to feel more satisfied. I have something to show for my day and something to look forward to doing tomorrow.  

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  1. Have you thought of putting these small watercolors together as a collection in a book? Perhaps a book for your grandchildren? Or notecards for them to use?

  2. How strange you should say that because I was thinking along those same lines. Now that I am getting a nice little collection of these little paintings it is a consideration. But I do need to get some better photos before I want them printed. I am not happy with the colors I am getting. A lot is lost in my photos. I may need to get my camera adjusted or something.