Friday, April 29, 2011

A Painting A Day: Good Idea Gone Astray

You know how sometimes you know you should have stayed in bed....well, yesterday was that day for me.  

It started with not knowing whether or not I took my medication so I did not take it in case I had already taken it.  

Then it was a state testing day at school and I had a good group of juniors but the day was dragging on and getting long and they become restless and I got tired.  

Then the afternoon classes were cut short so no work could really take place since the set up and clean up time occupied about 50% of the class. 

Going home was fine but I just did not feel "right" (probably I did not take my meds!).

Then I sat down to paint. I had a couple of interruptions and then got right back to the painting before I noticed I had painted the background right on top of where the top part of a girl belonged and since her feet and the bottom of her skirt were already painting I had to work in her upper body.

But alas, the composition looked crowded so I painted out two, maybe three women who were creating too much ambiguity.  
So I turned my watercolor into a mixed the time I got tired of working with it I had applied all sorts of things to work out the composition. 
 It was turning out to be a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day!
I think I will move to Australia.

When Lee turned out the lights on me while I sat working, I just called it a day.
But proof of my attempt...and this is not going in my portfolio....
My Fiasco!
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