Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Painting A Day: Exploring

Exploring (Watercolor 7" x 11")

One of my fondest memories as a child was to get to explore the pastures at my grandparents' farm 
or to discover new things when we went to spend a few days at the lake.  
Although many things have changed over the years these three grandchildren of mine are no different. 
Sometimes we take "nature walks" or do a scavenger hunt or just a hike to get out of the house and into the fields.

 This painting, Exploring is again a small watercolor (7" x 11").  I have found this size is a good size for a daily painting challenge, small enough to finish in an evening and yet big enough to create an interesting and fun composition.  The small size has made me focus more on the gesture of the figures rather than the minute details. I started off worrying over every little thing but as the week went by (I am now starting the second week of the challenge) I began to relax and enjoy it. 
Now I am wondering why I have not been doing this
when the challenge is over I will continue.  

Find your creative self and enjoy it.
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  1. It's nice how even in such a small painting with minimal detail, I can tell which grandchildren these are by the detail you HAVE given. Nice job!

  2. I remember exploring at the lake - we used to dig up crawdads and find little shells. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. Your watercolor is very sweet - the details are amazing!